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Spirituality for Executives


This is not a self-help blog

First of all, I beg you accept my apologies as English is not my mother tongue and you might find mistakes within this text. I hope you will be open minded enough to understand what I mean.

If you could be self-helped. Haven’t you have done it? You wouldn’t need to read anymore about this matter.

It’s my first blog. I want to share what I’ve learned about happiness in the middle of a material world. Yes, you can be fighting every day for success, and still be happy and balanced. You can be a super-executive, Multinational President, CEO, or similar, and yet be a loving father, mother, couple, son or daughter…

The secret is not NOT TO WANT MORE but knowing YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU GET OR HAVE. The secret is knowing who you are. Loving who you are and what you do. Acting according who you really are.

It seems obvious thing, isn’t it? Well maybe it’s not. Take one minute to think about your REAL emotions when you are back home from a hard workday or a stressing business trip. Are you able to break away and get inside home calm and smiling, leaving problems outside ready to play with your naughty 5-year son? Or to deal with your teenager with love and calm?

Let me tell you YES. You can. You only have to find out HOW.

This is the true reason of this blog: Helping you to reach your personal balance while you fight to succeed your daily professional challenges.

Yes, you can become spiritual in your material world… and still love luxury.