High-level executives dissatisfaction and stress reduction



You’re a high-level executive. You just have closed an important contract that will bring a high income to your Company. The cost: multiple meetings, presentations, discussions and, why not admit it, some sleeplessness nights, a little bit of anxiety, and too much time away from your family.

You knew you could succeed. The adrenalin filling you at this moment is the compensation. You’re good. You’re great. You’re infallible. And you have won again. You receive congratulations all day long, pats on the back… you are thinking of a celebration with your couple inviting her or him to his or her favorite restaurant.. Maybe it will be enough to compensating her or him for your absences and bad mood during negotiations (true?). As always have been… What a great day!

But what about the day after? How do you feel? The adrenalin has disappear… what a strange sensation you have… Is this boredom? Emptiness? Fatigue? Anxiety? Your mind was been very busy with the project finished yesterday. And now that matter is not there anymore. You feel disoriented for a while. But you feel safe again when you suddenly remember that there are more challenges waiting for you on your desk at the office. That challenges will proof your skills and talent again and you will succeed again. That gives you a great tranquility, new energy, new reasons to carry on. You need constant satisfactions. Even they don’t last very long.

It has been always useful for you to go from a challenge to another. But you realize that what actually moves you is disatisfaction. You need that challenges to feel alive, important. And deep inside you know that when you don’t have challenges, that anxiety that destabilizes appears again.

And what will happen to you the day you don’t have external reasons pulling you to continue? Even more, you start to ask yourself the reason why of that outstanding results if, inside yourself you feel unsatisfied anyway.


What you’re feeling could collapse the founding of your structure. The structure that keeps your world standing.

Let me explain what I mean.

What happens to you is that you have grown up in a world that is measured by material achievements. Where your personal success is measured on the basis to others’.

That’s what you have taken without questioning it… until you have found yourself being a successful businessman seeking constantly the sense to what you do because you are not completely satisfied. Despite you initially have already everything what suposedly makes happy anyone: success, money, family.

Let me suggest you something: stop seeking outside what you have inside. Your dissatisfaction will never be satisfied by material achievements. It has nothing to do with them. You know very well that to get different results you must do different things. More material achievements from dissatisfaction will keep you unsatisfied. Start seeking inside you and find the true satisfaction you are looking for. Your success can be part of it but you have to do certain changes.

There are procedures and tools that can be applied in your day-to-day and will help you. They are created specifically for you and your particular needs. Meditation for stress reduction, Mindfulness to the “now”, the recognition of your body sensations, even of your spiritual values. Everything should be a balance in your life. Including your wealth.

Discover here our events for High-Level executives stress reduction specially created for you.

Diana Llorca


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